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Wool Sauna Hat

This russian banya sauna Hat is fabricated with 100 sheep Wool natural, it is an exceptional Hat for protection from the sun and forces the body to relax and aroma.

Felt Sauna Hats

This felt sauna hats is a top-grade gift for the enjoy of hot yoga or sauna! These Wool sauna Hat are made of 100% Wool and will keep you warm while you work out, this sauna felt Hat is 100 natural Wool felt cap that can be used in any sauna. It grants a stylish Hat shape with ( ) design, the Hat is manufactured from a combination of natural Wool and felt, making it very comfortable to wear. The sauna Hat is an excellent accessory for your fitness and health goals, made from 100% sheep Wool felt, it features a large hole in the back for a face. The Hat is furthermore comfortable on the head and features a built-in chain and key to protect your head from falling water, this top grade Hat is produced from 100% Wool felt. It is manufactured to tailor a head size of 7 th grade, the Hat is produced of two parts: a large, well-made hole in the center of the Hat is filled with a premium quality original sauna hat. The small hole is filled with a much softer, breathable wool, the sauna Hat is then fit for the winter season with a layer of clothing. This top Hat is valuable for people who crave to feel comfortable in the sauna.