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Sauna Tent

This sauna Tent with its portable personal steam can make you feel like you're the only one in the sauna? Well get in on the fun today! This sauna Tent is sensational for folks who appreciate a good steampunk inspired spa experience, not only does 2 person 2. 2 l portable steam sauna is Tent offer a modern take on the sauna, but it can be used as a portable personal steam bath too, so come on over and take a break from the cold outside.

Personal Sauna Tent

This sauna Tent is an unrivaled level of sauna for shoppers who itch to feel the benefits of an 9 levels sauna tent, at 9 levels, our sauna tents offer a full body spa experience that can help to loss weight, detoxify the blood and provide a showerlike experience. This sauna Tent peerless for lovers who crave to experience all the benefits of an 9 levels sauna tent, the canvas sauna Tent is a top-notch way for admirers hunting for a slimming friendly steam sauna. It is facile to set up and is first-rate for enthusiasts who yearn to enjoy a curl of the head treatment or a day at the spa, it is further fantastic for folks who desiderate to feel refreshed and focused. This sauna Tent is a top-grade alternative to enjoy asteam bath at home, the lightweight and basic to fold portable replacement body makes it excellent for traveling. The steam makes it a top-of-the-line way for people who are digging to lose weight or improve health, this is a very soft and comfortable outdoor sauna tent. It imparts an 1000 watt 2 l capacity and an 2 screen, the sauna is located 10 minutes from any public bathroom. This Tent will help to reduce day-to-day water and help to achieve a healthier, more toned body.