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Sauna Bath

Looking for a hot, euro-centric spa experience but don't want to spend a fortune? check out our sauna bath! This portable home steam sauna spa tent has 1000 watts of power so you can find your own pressure, and detoxification. It's perfect for anyone, regardless of experience or budget.

Sauna Tub

The sun is beating down on my skin and I feel the heat on my skin. I am lying in the sun. I feel the sweat on my skin. I am working on my body. I am enjoying the feeling of the sand between my toes. but then I hear you. A voice that has been waiting for me for weeks. "sauna tub. " I slowly get up, feeling the sun on my skin. I open the door and see a woman in the sauna tub. " i say, walking over to her. she takes one look at me and says, "i can't make it. " I already have a feeling she's going to say something else. "what's your problem? " "i can't make it. " she says again, this time with a voice that is firm. I step back and watch as she goes to get another tub. I see her get in the sauna tub and I know what's going to happen. I'm going to have to leave.

West Sauna Bath

This comfortable, 2-level portable steam sauna is perfect for use in your home or office. With two levels of temperature regulation, this effective and gentle steam sauna can be used for relaxation and detoxification. With a weight-loss benefits full body slimming and a slimmed-up look, this sauna is perfect for a relaxing bath or use in your home or office. this is a portable sauna that works with 110v 2. 5l power. It has a steam generator to produce steam, which is then used to heat up the air in the sauna. The bath tub and shower are both compatible with the steam coming from the generator, making this a great choice for those with a hot bath. The sauna is also lightweight and easy to carry around, making it a great choice for those who want to enjoy a hot bath without having to carry around a separate body or bathtub. this is a great sauna heater for those who love their sauna. This heater is made from wooden materials and is easy to use. The sauna heater has a hot air bath that can help improve your body and mind. It also has a door that allows for access to the sauna room at all times. west coast sauna is a world-renowned steam bath and medicine room that offers customers the best and most authentic west coast experience. Our steam bath is perfect for all health needs with its large capacity and high frequency of steam. The steam is viscous which makes it ideal for soothing and refreshing skin. The sm-11 sm series 11kw steam bath generator is the perfect choice for generating steam, and can generate up to 11kw of steam.