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Russian Sauna

Our Russian sauna hat is a sterling accessory for your next project in fashion or home improvement, with its poppy design, this hat will make a top-of-the-line addition to your wardrobe. Made in russia, bamboo sauna is hat is sure to keep you warm and clean.

Russian Sauna Hat

This is a practical wooden sauna hat that will make your day to day life easier, this hat is a practical addition to your home and will help keep the sun and wind from reaching your head. The sauna cap is a stylish and functional piece of clothing that will help you feel more at home in this unique environment, the sauna cap is produced from large birch trees and features a Russian transactional design. The cap is comfortable to wear and is an excellent accessory for your wardrobe, the sauna hats are first-class substitute to enjoy this unique room while its raining outside. With heavy rain, it's a best-in-class opportunity to get some fresh air and relax, the sauna hats are made of Russian oak leaf sauna brush and are made of brush. They are available and be this hat is produced of wool and is fabricated to protect yourself from the sun and weather conditions outside, it as well good for protection from what you see inside the sauna.