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Harvia Sauna

The Harvia kip-80 b sauna heater 8 kw 240 v1 ph is superb for your next yoga or pool party! With this tool, you can now have all you rering needs taken care of without having to go to the gym every day, the value of sauna extends never been greater, so act now and enjoy until the end of your days.

Harvia Sauna Heaters

The Harvia legend 150 woodburning sauna heater is an enticing solution for individuals who appreciate the heat in their life, this appliance comes with a woodburning heater that will make your life easier. You will admire the harvia’s facile to adopt touchscreen controls and intuitive interface, the is first-rate for a shopper who wants to relax and experience relaxation. Looking for a luxurious and luxurious treatment? Don't look anywhere than the Harvia sauna! With prices start at just $75 per person, this business-class service is a peerless choice for or any other events, the Harvia sauna is close to top-floor rooftop where you can enjoy the sun or air conditioner at all times. You can also enjoy some alloy-based drinks or snacks as your final presence in the sauna, the Harvia team will be there to help with any questions or issues you might have. The Harvia sauna is and renders an open-air balcony that provides a cozy and luxurious atmosphere, if you want to feel like a celebrity or even manage to get in a little bit of heat, the Harvia sauna is the place for you! This heated sauna is superb for two people. It extends an 2 person capacity and is an indoor traditional steam sauna, it is manufactured of hemlock wood and offers a dry and wet experience at the same time. It is exceptional for relaxing in right now and enjoying a relaxing glow, this sauna extends an 3 kw heater and is able to dry and wet your skin. It is practical for individuals who covet to relax and feel refreshed, looking for a wood burning spa that can heat your home or office? The Harvia 8 kw sauna heater is fantastic for you! With a powerful motor that can heat up to 8 kg of wood, the Harvia is top-quality for any home or office. There's also a hourlong protection timer so you can have a safe and clean sauna experience.