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Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Looking for a surrogate to reduce your energy levels and enjoy your time in the sun? Weigh up our Far Infrared sauna dome! This sauna provides a low emf hyperthermia arch cabin, making it sterling for folks hunting for a small, efficient substitute to reduce their energy levels.

Dome Sauna

This portable full body sauna comes with a portable oven to help you cook your meal or to take to a meeting, it comes with a freshen the look and feel of your home thanks to the Far Infrared technology. The Dome sauna features a kensington safe locking system which makes it effortless to take with you, the sauna imparts an 3-foot-tall insert and a durable plastic body. The insert presents a standard safe locking system which makes it straightforward to take with you, the sauna is heated using the Far Infrared technology and renders an 3-foot-tall insert. The insert is manufactured of durable plastic and the body is produced of durable metal, the Infrared Dome sauna is a practical place to relax and test out all that Infrared can offer. With a heated and humidified atmosphere, healthy portable sauna offers an 360 degrees of fun for the body and the mind, the Dome is complete with a (far infrared) sauna Dome light and a few stones to help the body heat circulate. The sauna can be set up in minutes using the self-service platform and features a comfortable and effortless to adopt range, this is a premium Far Infrared sauna Dome hyperthermia ultra low emf sauna bed 1. 05 kw 110 it is an unrivaled rooming with a high-quality hyperthermia unit and a hot bath, the portable sauna Dome is an unique product that creates a hyperthermia- styled Dome in your room that offers pain relief, health benefits and effortless portable usage. The sauna Dome can be used at home, in your office or at the office and is ideal for relief from stress, pain relief and relief from the heat.