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Cedar Elite Sauna

Looking for a luxurious and comfortable experience? look no further than the cedar elite sauna! With three person sauna far infrared carbon heaters, you can have the best experience yet! This sauna is perfect for a relaxing time with friends or family. Plus, its bluetooth 2140w 20amp new technology makes it easy to communicate with your surroundings.

Cedar Elite Premium Sauna

Are you looking for a luxury sauna experience that is both healthy and relaxing? look no further than the cedar elite spa. This spa is perfect for those who want a luxury spa experience that is both healthy and relaxing. The sauna is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with family or friends. The relaxing music and natural heat are the perfect way to relax. This spa also offers a variety of services that will help to improve your health and well-being. If you are looking for a luxury spa experience, the cedar elite spa is the perfect place to check out.

Hybrid Cedar Elite Sauna

This hybrid cedar elite sauna is the perfect place for a heated winter night out. With three person capacity, this sauna is perfect for larger groups. The carbon heaters give you the energy you need to enjoy your cold those producer emissions with ease. this is a 3-4 person premium sauna with 9 carbon heaters that features an infrared red cedar board with 9 carbon heaters. It is offering 9 carbon heaters for a single person, and 20amp new 18650 battery. It is also offering a bluetooth 2140w interface for easy use. this 3-4 person sauna features a premium infrared sauna room with 9 carbon heaters. With its cedar exterior and black hardwood floors, this sauna is perfect for business or home use. The room has an airy and sleek look, perfect for a conversation spot or perfect for relaxing in. our hybrid sauna is perfect for 3 people. It has an infrared oven that can easily accommodate small dogs and a carbon-heater to provide a strong electric supply for the fireplaces. The sauna has a new, everyday price of $379.