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Barrel Steam Sauna

This Barrel Steam sauna is top-rated for admirers who appreciate a bit of exercise and hot, Steam sauna is top-grade for lovers who desiderate to relax and rejuvenate after a long day, with an 3 kw harvia heater, this Steam sauna can easily reach up to 3 people. This sauna is likewise open air and comes with an 2 nd floor for privacy.

One Person Barrel Sauna

This cedar Barrel sauna will make you feel like you're the only one in the room when you're all spa-ing in private with your friends, this sauna is sensational for either substitute you look at it with or without friends. The 4 person safari will let you know how you want to be felt in the moment, the vr will have their own air-tighted inside where you will find everything from the best books on the subject to the latest in fitness trends. The vr will have a high-quality, original art that will make you feel like you're one of the people there with them, this Barrel sauna cedar electric heater outdoor 4 person Steam outdoor spa wood new is a practical surrogate to rewards you with a hot steamy bath. This Steam sauna presents a comfortable architecture that makes it great for group use, the Steam room features an outdoor setting with a beautiful Steam steam machine. With its beautiful wood exterior and comfortable architecture, the Barrel sauna is a best-in-class place to enjoy a hot steamy bath, this is an 6 person cedar Steam sauna with etl heating system. It is ideal for a relax and relax in the hot weather, this is a Steam sauna with an outdoor feel. You will have a top-rated time atmosphere in your carefree life, the front porch with its natural beauty will feel like your own personal courtyard, while the electric outdoors 6 person Steam sauna ensures that you will feel like your body will add up. The sauna features a comfortable architecture and a facile to handle Steam unit, this is a best-in-class place for a quick getaway, a special event, or just a family-friendly time.