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Banya Sauna

Looking for a small, intimate sauna experience? Banya sauna is an outstanding place for you! This woodsy setting offer a relaxation experience that is excellent for any size, from the small group of people who use large birch sauna is every day to the many customers who come here for a relaxation break, Banya sauna is a top-rated place to experience the best of russian cuisine and russian culture in one place.

Sauna Birch Whisk

The sauna is a beautiful, large birch sauna with a whisk and a Banya venik, this birch sauna will make your time in the anonymous house an anonymous day. This sauna is a must-see for any bather who wants to relax and enjoy the sun by the water's edge, the sauna is large and offers plenty of space for everyone to feel des-pressed and relax. The made in russia is a first rate addition to all Banya sauna, this is a sauna that is superb for individuals who enjoy saunas. The Banya sauna features a ventilated body and wooden construction, the Banya sauna features a variety of location options, from standard sauna use (with soap and water) to for admirers who yearn to add a new location to their sauna. The Banya sauna also features an exhaust system to help keep the air clear and the machines running smoothly, this sauna hat is manufactured in russia in 100 sheep wool natural materials. It is an enticing addition to your Banya or sauna, the hat is manufactured to protect your head and your skin from the sun and the cold. It is again a good addition to your Banya or sauna look and feel.